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CCTV Malaysia

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CCTV System Supplier Malaysia

The traditional CCTV Malaysia we are familiar with is very good at recording and allowing you to play back and watch what has happened before. It is sort of fun to play back the videos and see what people are doing when they are not aware of the cameras but it is not really something I enjoy doing frequently. I doubt those people with the traditional CCTV system at home remember how to play back the videos from the DVR by now, let alone knowing if the CCTV system is still working. Most of my friends would tell me that their CCTV system has actually stopped working and the installer has yet to come fix the problem. So much for after sales service right?

More importantly, if my apartment had a break-in, the burglar could just easily take the DVR and along with all the evidence (the recorded videos). I would end up with a few units of useless cameras. Even with the remote viewing capability added during the recent advancement in the traditional CCTV system, it still would not stop the evidence from vanishing if the break-in happened unless the burglar did not even care to take it with him/her because he could be wearing a cap or a mask. The more daring ones probably don’t even care about hiding their faces. After all, what can the authority do about it even when all faces are captured clearly in the video?


So what is so great about NuTACT Smart CCTV Malaysia ? In short, NuTACT SmartCCTV system is actually a combination of 3 systems namely, NuTACT Video Management System (VMS), Preventive Surveillance System (PSS) and Multiple Sites Simultaneous Monitoring (MSSM) System. Both PSS and MSSM are cloud-based systems and IP camera that are behind the portal we call the Cloud Surveillance Management Center (CSMC).
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Dorra Slimming Review By Cassey and Michelle

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Exorcise your overweight with the aid of Dorra

Want to have a perfect figure without taking pill or reducing your food intake? Now, with the aid of Dorra, slimming can be easier than you ever thought.

Dorra – the French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Malaysia. You can enjoy an excellent and efficient slimming program in town, without taking a long-hour flight to French.

The Dorra Formula is the perfect solution for you to target your problem areas and remove those unsightly bumps and bulges on your tummy, hip and thighs! It will help you to solve all sorts of fats problems, ranging from Cellulite, Genetic, Middle Aged, Nutrition Caused, Post Natal to Stubborn Fat easily.

This revolutionary formula is useful in delivering visible results and guarantees a 10-30cm loss in just 14 days!

By providing quick, effective & customized solution, you don’t even need to worry about your food every mouthful. The tailored-made consultation and consistent monitoring will make sure your slimming progress is on track.

The formulated essence with fat-burning effect can last up to 12 hours and promote efficient discharge of fat-cell contents, reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

It is also effective in reducing cellulite, stretch marks, restoring skin elasticity as well as detoxifying and increasing metabolism.

With the magical formula, your flabby skin will be tightened and toned; lower body silhouette will eventually be perfectly reshaped.


Cassey Chung , lost 15 kg , from 63kg to 48kg.

Dorra has received a very positive feedback from the customers since its inception. Cassey Chung has lost 15kg successfully. 2 months in dorra™ has turned her from size “L” to size “S”. Her life has been changed since then, confident has been rebuilt.

“When I was plump, I didn’t like taking photographs. I felt that my huge size especially the lower body blocked the persons who stood near me. But now, I finally get rid of my chunky thighs and bulging tummy. Everybody notices my stunning silhouette when I take photographs. My elder sister praised me when she saw me wearing a swimsuit without any signs of cellulite.”

Besides Cassey, Michelle Loh also had a wonderful experience in Dorra. Before that, she was suffering from hereditary weight gain. Her sedentary job caused her bulging tummy to become even bigger as she couldn’t resist food, especially when she is stressed.

“Exercise didn’t help too. After hearing about dorra™ being a lower body slimming expert on radio, I decided to give it a try.

With Dorra’s professional help, I successfully lost 14.5kg and my size decreased from XL to M! There isn’t any rebound too! My friends are amazed to see my transformation. Now I am happier and more confident! Thank you Dorra”

Witness the best body transformation yourself now! Visit any Dorra outlets or log on to for more information. You will not be disappointed!

Solar components manufacturer

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Solar Components Provider Malaysia

EZ Solar Vina was Malaysia’s recognized mounting structure supplier in Malaysia.

EZ Solar Vina supply products including tile/tin roof & ground solar mounting system, AMC System (outstanding BIPV in Malaysia for residential roof), PRO System (outstanding BIPV solution for large sloped roof), Transformerless String/Three-Phase Inverter, Galvanically Isolated String/Three-Phase Inverters, Central Inverters and combiner box.


EZ Solar Vina Sdn. Bhd. with a team is passionate about solar technologies. The company have become known with their technologies, high quality and honesty. The team consist of professional engineers and designers from Malaysia, Switzerland, France and India with a combined experience were ready to work hard to help their client free themselves from expensive and unsustainable energy sources.

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Swiss Garden Hotels And Resorts Malaysia

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Swiss Garden Hotels And Resorts Malaysia

Malaysia has the perfect venue for all kind of activities. The Swiss-Garden Hotels & Resorts at its strategic location in the main cities in Malaysia, renders professional services at the hotels & resorts; it is a perfect venue to organize conferences, annual dinners, exhibitions and wedding hotel Malaysia.


Swiss-Court Holiday Apartment Malaysia is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ideally located between the prestigious Damai Laut Golf & Country Club and the picturesque Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut, the homely style service apartments are easily accessible from the North-South Expressway and followed by a scenic countryside drive.

Swiss-Inn convention hotel Sungai Petani is located in the Northern region of Malaysia; offers a variety range of hotel and recreational facilities. Compliment with 101 spacious guest rooms with a host of modern amenities and warm services. Swiss-Inn Sungai Petani is the ideal venue for your business and leisure needs or simply your
ultimate home away from home.

IF you are looking for Malaysia beach resort, then Swiss Court at Damai Laut and Swiss Garden Resort & SPA Kuantan is an ideal place for you to have outdoor activties such as water sport, team building and others such as honeymoon package Malaysia.

So, if you are looking for family holidays, couple holidays or just want to rest alone, retreat to the serene and tranquil surroundings, the ultimate haven all in Swiss-Garden Hotels & Resorts.

Signboard Design And Supply

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Signboard Design And Supply

Acrylic Signs Material Sdn Bhd (ASM) supplies a full range of advertising materials such as acrylic sheets, banner laminates , florescent vinyi , masking tape , display and exhibtion stand as well as signboard design. In addition , ASM provides value-added services to its products such as fabricating of dispensers , directional signs , banner , billboard , thermos forming , inkjet image services , CNC / laser cutting and engraving services , etc . ASM is also the most competitive and innovatie sign fabricator in malaysia.


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SEO and Google Adwords Malaysia

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Malaysian SEO Firm Locus-T Now A Google AdWords Certified Partner

(Malaysia, 5-May) – Locus-T, a strong SEO online marketing and web development firm is thrilled with its unprecedented position as a Qualified Partner with Google Adwords.


Prominent among the internet marketing companies, Locus-T has eleven years of expertise in online development and web-based marketing solutions. The ISO-certified company is pleased to add another feather in their cap as they have now obtained the finest ranking acknowledgement in the Google Adwords program to their growing list of accomplishments.

As of late, Google has launched a far more rigid certification approach with a higher minimum pass level. This is to ensure that only companies which can demonstrate proficiency and experience in using Google AdWords are recognised. Unquestionably, this certification is exclusively awarded to companies that exhibit their competence and ability in Google AdWords through training and testing. In order to qualify, Locus-T was required to meet specific eligibility requirements; such as passing at least two Google certification exams while maintaining an active account status of a minimum ad spent over a period of 90 days.

With free Google Adwords, Locus-T can accurately calculate the return on investment and derive feedback in accordance to the trends and market shifts efficiently. With this sort of flexibility and advantage, Locus-T brings income returns which are stable and promising for the clients.

Locus-T collaborates with businesses small and large by providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) consultancy. The professional assistance and tactical advice in the marketing industry definitely increases relevant website traffic with the Google Adwords badge placed on the website or ad. In addition, this has shown Locus-T’s professionalism and reliability to manage a wide range of accounts effectively. The company has set itself apart in the industry with this certification that is globally recognized.

Locus-T also partner with Maximus to provide stronger SEO services in Malaysia.


welcome to new Malaysia

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