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Company Name : Maximus System Solutions
: Maximus System Solutions is a web design comapny that specialize in website design and website promotion or called search engine optimization (SEO). We had helped dozens of Malaysia companies gain high publicity and increase their sales by our unqiue internet marketing . For more information, please visit  Malaysia search engine optimization and SEO services in Singapore
Company Name : Custom Craft

Custom Craft is a manufacturer of centrifuge decanter, steam turbine, biogas engine and industrial filter. Other services include metal spray, metal stitching and metal repair.


Company Name : Peak Persona International  

Peak Persona International is an image consultancy company based in Singapore. Peak Persona offers image grooming, personal branding consultancy , business dining etiquette and corporate training.

Information  : Malaysia and Singapore new websites 

Malaysia premium website information and listing of various industries, providers and company. Include manufacturer of  furniture, fire extinguisher, web hosting and other list of supplier, manufacturer and agent in Malaysia .

Company Name : Hydro One Marketing

If you want to buy water filtation equipment and filter, Hydro One is your ideal provider. Provides total water filtration system, swimming pool equipment, vitamin C shower, ultrafiltration membrane, and other filtration equipment.

Company  Benz World

Benz World is the Singapore car dealers, exporters and importers for used cars : Buy and sell pre-owned Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Audi, Toyota and other luxury cars. 

Company Name : Hong Xuan

Hong Xuan is an automotive parts manufacturer in Malaysia specialise in  fusible link, heatlamp kit, solenoid contact and more.

Company Name : AnsacTech

AnsacTech (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established in year 2003 specialise in meter & controller instruments such as magnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, flow meter calibration system and more.

Company Name : Bloomshop Florist
   : Bloomshop is a Malaysia florist and the leading Kuala Lumpur florist  that offers flowers delivery to whole Malaysia.
Information  : Download and save youtube videos

A easy way to save youtube videos to Ipod with the simple steps or using software to convert to other format

Company  : Duodex 

Duodex has been manufacturing fire doors, fire shutters and membrane tensile exporting to Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Thailand.

Multinational companies such as Volvo, BMW, Starbucks, Citibank, Nissan have been using Duodex products.

Company : Phoebus

Neptune Technology is a manufacturer of zipper bag, reclosable bags, ziplock bagand HDPE plastic containers in Malaysia

: KL PP Packaging

KL-PP Packaging Malaysia is a custom design gift bag manufacturer that customized packaging with new, innovative & inspirative packgaing designs includes PP Sheets, premium gift products and more.


MALCORP is one of the auto parts manufacturers and rubber automotive parts exporter that specialising in manufacture and production of automotive, industrial and general rubber products such as rubber bushes, Drive Shaft Boots and more.



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