Mc Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd Cheat ?- A Testimonial From Engineer

Hi Everyone, I’m Jomest Lee, I came from Sarawak Kuching, I’ve been living in Singapore for the past 8 years. I’m Holding Singapore PR and working as Resident Engineer in Civil Engineering Field.

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Before explaining why I joining Mc Ocean Business, I would like to share about why I started a new platform called Network Marketing 7 years ago. Nowadays many people wanted to do business, but a lot of People talk about it, ton of people plan about it, but not many people really doing it.


The reason is very simple, because we don’t have any idea how to start, lack of proper experiences and insufficient capital. Some of them might even don’t have any reliable business partner to kick start of everything.


But Network Marketing not only overcome all this problem, it also allowed me to kick start as part timer, and this business method has proven more efficiency and fasten the duration to success. Therefore once i had decided to step in this platform, Mc ocean is the best choice to kick start Network Marketing business. As a Newbie , Mc Ocean not only provided us a platform to start, we also learn the method and technique to operate this business step by step. Therefore We have learn the easiest way to make out first move in this business.

One of the best part in Mc Ocean is its business environment and culture, its really rare to find a group of people who willing to spend so much time to guide you teach you without expecting any payback between non-pecuniary relationship. As a result, I also successfully running this business for almost 8 years, and the return profit was excellent.


Besides, Mc Ocean Products are great. Working as a construction engineer in Singapore , my skin exposed to dust every time I visit a construction site. This time, I get red and itchy rashes on my elbow. As I have MC Ocean ’s product Dr. Spraycial with me wherever I go, applying it have significantly improved my condition in under a day.

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I am really glad that I had chosen Mc Ocean to start Network Marketing business. This is a totally new field for me, but with all the system provided, I able to make thing change, life is changing, i had more time to spend with my parent with healthier and better living quality.


Product Information

What is Dr. Spraycial from Mc ocean?

Dr. Spraycial is a concentrated ionized mineral spray that aids in rapid sterilization of bacteria off human body, utilizing only concentrated ionized minerals extracted from deep sea water, it is free of alcohol, colorings, fragrances, preservatives and artificial additives.


How it could help to eliminate bacteria & minimizes infection?

Deep sea water contain pure and concentrated ionized minerals, which penetrates and removes water in bacteria through high osmotic pressure, causing dehydration and bacterial death, destroying bacteria effectively, safely and naturally.


What is the price of Dr. Spraycial?

The recommended retail price for Dr. Spraycial is RM 160


Where can I buy Dr.Spraycial ?

You can buy Dr. Spraycial from online e-commerce store such as shopee, lazada etc. However, we recommend you to buy it from our authorized distributor and join as member to save your cost.


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